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If you can choose, do you know what is the best time of year to make changes?

Moving to a new house, office, being near or far, has a lot more to it than simply getting some cardboard boxes and packing your clothes in your suitcases. There’s a lot of preparation and factors to take into consideration to moving everything successfully into the new space, with no loss, no cracks, no damage and no headaches!

In reality, how different is it to move out in the summer from moving in the middle of the winter? Just as important as doing the necessary adaptations to the type of housing, building, objects… It is equally important to take into account the time of year the moving takes place. Mr Isac’s professionals are available to help you define which is the best period of the year for you to make the removal, however, see the tips we have prepared for you:

Moving when it rains, is it possible?

Although Portugal is known for warm and sunny climate, the truth is that there are, on average, 90 days of rain per year, mostly between October and April. Along side the rain, the wind is also frequent, both from the north and west and from the south and southeast. With proper preparations, it is possible to move residence, offices and industrial facilities even under the most adverse weather conditions. Mr Isac’s team has several years of experience and knows all the techniques. Here are also some tips:

  • Large Garbage Bags: cut the seam at the bottom of the bag with scissors and you will have a waterproof surface ideal for lining boxes, just use adhesive tape to seal and you won’t have to worry about rain falling onto them. If the weather forecast is for rain, protect all the boxes, and don’t take any risks, also because it may take a few days to unpack everything and there are many items that, when subjected to water, take on a musty smell and can even develop mold.
  • Planning the parking options: when moving, both personal and professional, you need to consider where the vehicles will be parked, especially on rainy days. Whenever possible, the rear of the vehicle should be close to the entrance door; on rainy days it is possible to create a waterproof corridor with a plastic gardening sleeve attached to the top of the door of the building and to the top of the van, with adhesive tape. It is a low-cost, easy and quick solution that allows you to transport cardboard boxes, furniture and household appliances without the risk of them getting wet.
  • Organize before loading: organize the boxes so that you can manage your transport with ease. If there is an opening in the clouds and it is not raining, transport first the boxes or bags that are more sensitive to humidity, such as electronics, fabrics and wood; last are those that if wet by rain won’t be damaged. By having the boxes organized by priority, you will be able to manage their transport to and from the van, minimizing risk. Don’t forget to wear waterproof shoes.

In the “Move-In Ready” option, Mr Isac’s team does all the packing, dismantling, storage, transport, assembly and unpacking for you. A solution for anyone who wants a quick, well-done and reliable moving process, with low effort and no headaches.

Moving in the peak of summer, is it possible?

Portugal has over 2400 hours of sunlight a year! Whether you’re moving to another location, another country, or coming to Portugal, it’s great to know that you’ll have a lot of sun, but it’s important not to forget that Portugal also reaches scalding temperatures, in some parts of the country, exceeding 40ºC for several hours. Mr Isac’s movers always prepare services at the peak of summer with special care. See some recommendations:

  • Water! Water! Water! Invest in bottled water and always keep it in hand, at the removal sight, in the vehicles, at the delivery point. On hotter days, one may need 3 liters of water per adult, so count with yourself and others. Fresh drinks like tea, natural juice and even coffee will be your best allies for a very hot hassle-free moving.
  • Snacks: with high temperatures avoid heavy meals, have snacks at your disposal such as prepared fruit, gelatin, crackers and yogurt, in order to maintain the energy that moving out requires. If you have pets, don’t forget to offer them water and some refreshing snacks too, special attention is needed. If you are moving a refrigerator or freezer, prepare zip bags with water and freeze them so that you can maintain the temperature of your food despite the surrounding heat.
  • Long days, but short hours: in Portugal, the longest day of the year reaches 15 hours of sunlight, however it is not possible to take advantage of all of them, on the contrary, at the peak of the sun it is often not possible to pack and load due to excessive heat. Therefore, on hot days, we suggest that you start your activities as early as possible, take advantage while the air temperature is still bearable and take a long lunch break (generally from 12:00 to 15:30 or 16:00), as you will also be able to enjoy the sun and heat until late hours. During very hot hours it is not safe to be loading and unloading the vehicles, so Mr Isac’s team may ask you to adjust your schedule to the needs of the team.
  • Avoid sun damage: objects with bright colors or wood can deteriorate due to excessive exposure to the sun; many types of plastics also suffer from sunlight, becoming brittle; and household appliances can also be damaged by being left out in the sun for too long. Yet, much more than the material damage caused by leaving objects in the sun, it is the living animals and humans we need to be concerned. If you are thinking of moving under the heat, remember to put on sunscreen first thing in the morning (and reinforce as often as necessary), wear a sun hat, sunglasses, cool clothes (which are also compatible with the act of doing changes) and shoes that protect your feet but allow them to breathe.

Making changes with school-age children

If the removal takes place in September (the beginning of the school year in Portugal) and if you have children, it is important that you keep school equipment and materials in well-identified and accessible cardboard boxes, to avoid stressful situations when the children go to school. On the other hand, if it’s at the end of the school year (June/July), you’ll need to dedicate some more time in reviewing all the books and material to avoid taking with you things that aren’t really necessary, like pens that no longer write, books that are to be donated or returned, already used notebooks…

Is it better to make the change during mild seasons?

Spring and autumn are seasons of milder climate, but also of many uncertainties, sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it rains… Creating greater unpredictability as to the state of the weather, constantly changing. For this reason, you will need to stock up on both warm and cold clothes, waterproof clothing and boots. We suggest that you check the weather forecasts frequently and contact us for last-minute recommendations if the weather changes.

I will schedule a vacation around the holidays to maximize moving availability

The month of December, due to the number of holidays and workers on vacation, is undoubtedly a month of reduced availability. The same happens in the month of June, when there are many holidays in Portugal. If scheduled well in advance, Mr Isac will be able to provide the services you need, but last-minute requests may not always be possible to accommodate. The same happens with other entities that you have to deal with when moving out: the queues for service companies such as water, gas, electricity, telecommunications… are longer, municipal services as well.

Moving to a new residency, moving closer to college, changing office locations should always be scheduled according to your availability. With the tips above it will be easier to plan and do not hesitate to contact us for more recommendations.