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Fast and Economical Removals From 15€? It is possible!

If you are looking for a removal company with fast, well-done and reliable service at an affordable price in the Lisbon area, look no further. Mr. Isac has an answer for you! A service designed exclusively for the website’s customers.

A fast and economic removal service in the Lisbon region, with prices starting at only 15€ per hour. We will explore how it is possible to carry out your move efficiently and economically.

Economical Moving Services in Lisbon

Mr. Isac is a company specialising in removal services in and around Lisbon. We have thought of a unique service, where a highly trained and experienced professional will be on hand to help you properly pack all your items and take them to your own vehicle. This option is perfect for those who need a “helping hand” with their move and are willing to actively participate in the change process.

Additional Transport Option

In addition to the packaging service and help in loading the items, our customers can also count on the Walk-in Ready service.

After all items are properly packed, you can choose to call the rest of Mr. Isac’s team to transport your belongings to the final destination. This option provides extra convenience, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the move while the professional team handles the transportation of your items.

Special Discount for Website Users

As a thank you for choosing Mr. Isac through our website, we are offering a special discount to all users. When you contact us to book the service by telephone, just mention that you requested the removal service through our website to take advantage of the promotional price of 15€ per hour.

This is an exclusive offer for visitors to our website and a way of giving back for the trust placed in our services.

Fast and Efficient Changes with Care in the Details

Despite affordable prices, we are committed to providing fast and efficient removals whilst maintaining care and attention to detail. Regardless of the service option chosen, they ensure that all your belongings are treated with the utmost care and protection throughout the moving process. Our team is ready to provide full support and guidance, making the moving experience smooth and worry-free.

If you are planning a move in Lisbon and want an affordable and flexible option, Mr. Isac is the right choice. With their special service of 15€ per hour, you can count on an experienced professional to help you pack and load your items. Moreover, with the additional transportation option, Mr. Isac’s team takes care of the transportation of your belongings, providing you with extra convenience. Don’t forget to mention that you found the offer on our website to take advantage of the special discount available. Contact us today and get your move done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Together with you on your next move

Find out how we can make your move: fast, well-done and with confidence! Request your free quote now!

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