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Frequently Asked Questions

Having years of experience in both private and corporate removals as well as cargo services, Mr. Isac’s team has received all kinds of questions, has faced all kinds of particular circumstances and has already experienced a lot. To help you quickly find answers to questions you may have, we have compiled some information:

What kind of moving services are available?

The service we are asked most frequently are residential moving services, from customers who are moving to a new house, that have already partially packed what they intend to move and want transportation for household appliances, large furniture and some cardboard boxes.

In recent years, the “Move-In Ready” service has become the second most frequent, with many clients unable or unwilling to carry out the packing and heavy lifting of the belongings themselves. Some because they’ve become elderly, others because of the sheer volume of the belongings to be transported, others because they don’t have availability, reasons vary, and Mr. Isac’s assistance is attentive and detailed.

Currently, the third most requested service is shipment of household appliances, furniture and industrial items. Private customers who purchase (in stores or second-hand from private individuals) medium/large household appliances, beds, sofas, wardrobes (often in online stores or stores with a paid delivery service); business customers who need assistance moving merchandise or industrial equipment between suppliers, warehouses and clients.

International relocations, dedicated transportation of valuable objects or fragile items, moving without transportation (within the same building) are sporadic services we do, and are carried out with all the care and dedication of our team.

Can I hire you to just move a washing machine from the previous house to the new one?

Yes! We have availability for several types of vehicles and adjust to all requests. You can hire us for loading and transporting just one washing machine, or for the entire content of your home from floor to ceiling. We have customers who contact us to help carry boxes and machinery from their homes to the storage room, and clients are only charged for the mover’s working time.

You can also request a dedicated service (the transportation will only be done with your belongings and the route is directly from your starting point to the ending point) or you can opt for a simplified service (we pick up and deliver your items on a schedule and for the duration agreed, however both the vehicle and the team can do other services before or after to maximize the route).

I’m preparing to move and I have no clue how to pack everything, got any suggestions?

Prepare room by room, you will feel that it is a less of a mountain high task if you spread activities over different days and try to complete a room before moving on to the next. Prepare bags/bins for “donations” and “trash”: it is during relocations that we realize the amount of accumulated belongings, many without a purpose, worn out, broken or unnecessary. Be sure to carry out this separation during the packing process, you will have less volume to transport and this will also helps you to organize everything in the new house more efficiently.

The Mr. Isac also cares for the packing process: you can hire the “Move-In Ready” service and leave all the effort of organizing, packing, disassembling, transporting, assembling and unpacking to us. Another option is to request the delivery of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, cling film or duct tape prior to due date, according to table rate: Read more tips shared on our blog, click here.

What’s the best way to transport glasses and other glassware items?

Each requested service has an intrinsic value, the more services you hire, the lower the value per service. Still, here are some of the factors with biggest influence:

  • Loading/unloading heavy appliances in a building without an elevator will take longer (and be more expensive) than doing the same at a building with an elevator;
  • If you are relocating house to another location and you want some of your items to be left in a third location there will be greater travel distance and more working time, but you will be presented with a more economical quote than if you ask for the services separately;
  • the experience of those who pack and unpack daily brings great advantage; it is likely that our team will be able to box all the chinas and decoration in your living room and kitchen in a fraction of the time it would take you and also with the use of fewer boxes; it is a service that we do with pleasure and the increase in the budget might work in your benefit;
  • Valuables, fragile, rare and large items require special care and specific requirements, so we request a list of belongings to be transported and create conditions for the moving process to take place without any unexpected event;
  • Poorly packed or unwrapped pallets must be packed by our team before loading for transportation;
  • Preparing the necessary conditions for loading and unloading under adverse weather conditions, such as creating an impermeable canal between access door and vehicle or plastic packing of boxes when they will be carried out on foot under rain, are some of the constraints our team is used to and which may increase the budget.

What’s the best way to transport glasses and other glassware items?

All breakable objects must be transported with care, but above all they must be well packed. Glass or crystal objects (glasses, plates, bowls, platters, decorations…) need to be wrapped individually. Some options include: bubble wrap, newspaper, cardboard, sheets, towels or pillowcases.

The glass or crystal must not come into contact with hard surfaces, to avoid breaking and cracking. When boxed, it is necessary that all the interior space is occupied, a half-full box will allow the pieces to move and with the collision, damages may occur. Prevention is the rule, pack as well as possible, or take advantage of the “Move-In Ready” service and we’ll do it for you!

How to bring down from a third floor a 6 seats sofa from a third floor?

The beginning will include finding out whether it is a single piece or assembled in modules. A modular sofa means that it will be possible to dismantle it into several sections and you carry each section. If it is a one piece sofa the three dimensions will be carefully measured to confirm whether it will fit through the doors or if it will have to be removed through a window and even the position for transportation.

The type of fabric is also important: if it is a fabric that stains or tears easily, it may be necessary to put on a protection. If you have sharp corners, especially in wood, you can use protective rubbers so that an impact does not damage the wood.

Mr. Isac’s team transports sofas frequently and takes great care, even when it is necessary to remove a sofa from an apartment through the window, we use a lift platform to minimize the risk.

How far ahead should a moving service with Mr. Isac be scheduled?

As far in advance as possible. If you already know that moving out is inevitable and you have a forecast of when, contact us and we will give you the best recommendations for scheduling.

On average, our customers confirm moving services 12 days in advance and quotes are requested, on average, 19 days in advance. A moving service requested with less than 48 hours always runs the risk of some supplies or equipment not being available, or only a partial team.

What payment options are available?

Mr. Isac has the following options for its clients: payment in cash (Euros), bank transfer (guaranteeing funds are available before moving service is terminated) and MBWay

Different options for the different needs and preferences of our customers.

Recommendations for keeping motivated during the moving process

One of the first expectations regarding moving out: it’s an exhausting activity! Preparing everything in time, having a schedule, and having available some drinks and snacks will guarantee a successful and energetic participation on your behalf.

Try to sleep as best as possible the nights before the day of pickup, if possible take 1 or 2 days off of work. Have post-its or a checklist to go through (read the “What is the best way to get organized?”), as you eliminate tasks you will feel motivated to continue with the project and it will be easier to stay focused on the task at hand until finalization.

Packing creatively

Packing your belongings doesn’t have to be tedious or include a lot of wasted material (some of which is difficult to recycle) Do you have glass cups to carry? Use small towels or cloth handkerchiefs to wrap each cup. Will you take ceramic dishes? Use a sheet and layer the sheet and the various platters. Do your children have lots of soft toys and are there chinas to pack away? Place the soft toys inside the chinas to protect them. Use dry rice or beans to safely transport kitchen knives, all packed inside a large tupperware. Gather top and bottom sheets and place them inside a pillowcase, it will keep the sets together and reduce the chance of getting lost in the mess. There are dozens of Lego pieces to transport, use your kitchen tupperwares and pack them so they don’t get lost. Do you have dozens of books? Fill the bottom of a cardboard box with books (which will make it very heavy) and fill the rest with cushions, soft toys or tupperware.

Should I inform my neighbors I’m moving out/in?

Good manners and social courtesy dictate that you should. It is inevitable, while packing and moving out, that there will be some noise and even an abnormal use of elevators. Inform the building administration/management, or speak directly to your upstairs and downstairs neighbors of the date you will be making most loading and disassembling.

A few days before moving to your new home, take the opportunity to meet your neighbors: inform them that you are moving in and that unloading and assembling furniture may cause some noise, and also thank them for their understanding. Who knows, some neighbors might even offer to help you.

What is the best way to get organized?

Create a checklist!

It is one of the documents that will most helpful in the moving process. In the check-list you will record which items go where, the dimensions, when things will be moved, if any special precautions are needed (protecting corners, gathering cables, save screws…) and even notes about which belongings will be loaded first. Be sure to consult our auxiliary document by clicking here.

Together with you on your next move

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