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International Moving Services

Requests for international relocations are increasing in Mr. Isac’s agenda, both for migrants arriving and departing from Portugal, as well as for companies that relocate offices across borders. Our team’s experience already includes several European, African and Latin American countries, from moving special orders of cargo to moving multi-storey houses with fragile objects and antique furniture.

The initial briefing allows us to gather information about all that will be transported, special accommodation needed and materials required for packing – after all, this is a Complete Moving Service, so you won’t need to pack or unbox anything!

Carefully planned routing, loading and unloading time needed will be calculated, shipping documents, Customs Declarations and you will receive your BUDGET in an instant.

What is an International Moving Service?

Mr. Isac considers international relocations to be any service that starts or ends outside mainland Portugal, therefore, the Azores and Madeira archipelagos are considered international transfers. Nothing is neglected by our movers in this type of service, our main focus will be caring for all your belongings, so you make your trip with peace of mind and confidence everything will be at your destination.

Is ther ea weight or volume limit for this service?

The main transportation type – land, sea, air – will be adjusted to the sort of articles that we will be transporting, the final destination and the speed with which they need to arrive. In this sense, we have no weight or volume limit for international cargo or removals, we will adapt transport to your needs. As with any moving or loading process, we suggest that you review what you intend to transport, discard what is not needed and make a cost-benefit balance.

Count on Mr. Isac’s team for a carefree and safe international relocation! Get to know some of our customers’ opinion here.

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