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Moving Services in Sintra

In a moving process, most people start by making endless lists of their items and also canvassing family and friends to help with transportation and packing. If you are leaving or moving to Sintra know that you have Mr. Isac’s team is available to assist with the whole process.

With experience, appropriate equipment and tailor-made solutions, we are at your disposal for the services you need most: transport of electrical appliances and furniture, packing and packaging and even a “Move-In Ready” service.

Together with you on your next move

Find out how we can make your move: fast, well-done and with confidence! Request your free quote now!

Request your free quote

A tailor-made moving service!

Whether you are moving your office to or from Sintra, count on us for quality service, agile and tailored to your requirements, a successful and professional project is with Mr. Isac!

Experience is the key to business and whether it’s relocation services, freight transport, industrial equipment or assistance with employee relocation, our team is your best bet.

If you are a corporate client contact us to learn more about the B2B solutions available.

Moving Services for Companies

Advantages of working with us

Flexible schedules

We are available to make your moving at the most convenient time for you, with no restrictions on schedules.

No geographic limitations

With experience in short and long-distance removals, our team is the right choice for local, national and international relocations.


Exceeding expectations and establishing high-quality standards for the sector and customers is what motivates us.


We request maximum transparency from our clients in post-service feedback, as well as in the intra-team assessment we carry out.


We ensure the allocation of all supplies and human resources necessary for the execution of the service, with 100% dedication and tailored to your requirements.


More than 70% of contact requests, quotations or information from our customers are answered in less than 12 hours!

Request your quote now

Don’t wait any longer to request your tailor-made quote. Mr. Isac’s team is fast and reliable and ensures that the job gets done right, fill out your request now:


Rua General Humberto Delgado 9 2ºEsq 2625-423 Forte de Casa (We inform you that we do not have face-to-face service)


+351 926 450 950 (National mobile network call | Preferred time for contact: Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm)



You can also get in touch with us via our social media or WhatsApp.

Contact by WhatsApp

Need help?

If you are having difficulty submitting your quote request, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or consult our FAQ page for more information.

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    In case of moves to other countries, please contact us.

    Is there a lift?

    Is there a lift?

    More than a place for loading or unloading?

    Do you have a date preference?

    Is it possible to anticipate or delay 3 days?

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    Quotations are subject to updating and require visual confirmation of the items to be transported.

    Please contact us to find out more information on how your quote will be processed. Check the various services available here.