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National Moving Services

The time has come to hire a moving company to relocate your belongings, furniture, equipment, appliances… Mr. Isac team is at your disposal to organize the necessary logistics: packing, unpacking, disassembling and assembling furniture, transportation, securing fragile objects and carrying out the load. Whether you’re moving to the other side of the street, another city or district; it being the content of your home, your business or warehouse; we are ready to help you!

The level of experience our movers have allows us to carry out most moving services in just one day and one trip, however, we adjust your needs and preferences to the process. Preparation begins by knowing where to pick up and drop off, parking restrictions, schedule and list of objects to be transported.

Moving easily and worry-free is possible

With the Move In Ready Service you can make all the changes without effort and with minimum storage on your part. Mr. Isac team visits the pick-up location, registers all the objects to be moved and specific care for each one, visits the delivery site and establishes a strategy for transporting it with you.

The budget is established and, once approved, the keys to the two locations are collected. On the agreed day, the team will organize, pack, disassemble, transport, assemble and unpack for you! Effortless, worry-free and with minimal inconvenience. Everything will be available at your new home and ready to use.

What services are available to hire?

Given all services are personalized, you can choose to hire what is most convenient for you. From the simplest transportation of furniture (already disassembled, protected and ready to be loaded) and cardboard boxes with the assistance of only 1 employee (if the weight, size and loading allows it) from point A to point B; the request of protection and packaging materials; to lifting platforms, assembly and installation, multiple employees and multiple delivery points. Whatever service you need Mr. Isac has the solution!

Prices from 15€

Mr. Isac is the right and reliable choice for your removals throughout the country! Request your quote now!

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What is a National Moving Service?

Any objects relocation, for individuals or businesses, made within Portugal’s mainland and ensured by vehicles from the Mr. Isac fleet, we consider a national moving service. Since the team’s working time and the distance traveled (and tolls, if applicable) are accounted for, it is always possible to ensure that completion of the service by us (subject to availability). This is not the most complex type of moving, but there are some important tips to consider, such as moving valuable objects or fragile items and how to prepare for a move with your pet.

We will serve Businesses that need loading and moving services as well. Whether it’s changing the location of your archive, moving facilities, acquiring new equipment or preparing a new office. Take the opportunity to find out how Mr. Isac can become the best business partner for this type of service, by clicking here.

I still don't know what’s the best option for me. Can you help?

Certainly. Send us a message explaining what you think your needs are and we will present several options, in a free, fast and personalized budget, click here.

Where do you operate?

We are present in Lisbon and accommodate all requests in Lisbon’s city and surrounding municipalities and districts. In addition, we also carry out moving services starting or ending in other regions of Portugal, such as Faro, Portalegre, Beja, Évora, Setúbal, Leiria, Santarém, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Aveiro, Viseu, Guarda, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Porto and Bragança. We can also assist with moving in to or out of Azores and Madeira.

Different price ranks available according to complexity of service, starting at JUST € 15 an hour, Mr. Isac ensures safe and efficient transportation of your belongings. Get in touch with us and request your quotation!

Together with you on your next move

Find out how we can make your move: fast, well-done and with confidence! Request your free quote now!

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